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I bought a Bible and was given free training to use the study Bible. I signed into it yesterday and completed 2 items and now can not find how to get back to the training on the website. Help?? Posted last year by Nancy in Precept Bible Study Institute

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last year by Precept Ministries (Staff Member)

Once you have signed up with an account and have used your coupon code, there are several ways to return to the course. The easiest way to remember is to use the Precept Bible Study Institute home page at, which is the same link you used to start the registration process before. 

On the home page you will see the "Get Started" button-- Once you click it (if you are not still logged in) the system will ask you to log in with your username and password. Then, you will immediately be taken back into the NISB course, precicely where you left off- in the section and place on the page.

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